A Busy Winter

So this winter, I'm hoping to finish a number of projects with the aim of beginning some new stuff when January rolls around. Currently, there's a number of things I'm excited about:

  • Retroburn Games' Positron is due out on mobile platforms and Steam sometime before Christmas. I'm in the process of recording some new voice parts for the menus and prompts, and writing a few new tracks for some of the free DLC updates Martin from Retroburn is planning for the New Year. The soundtrack will be available on Steam when the game releases, and Bandcamp before the end of November.
  • Speaking of Bandcamp, I'm in the process of preparing all the tracks I've written for sale on the site. This will include tracks written for The Music Jar and Retroburn Games. I also plan on creating playalong backing tracks for drummers to use, with a metronome track and count-in track for each tune.
  • In a few weeks, I'll be co-engineering, playing on and producing a live recording of blues-rock misfits The Levee Breaks at The Old Band Room studio at Ffynnongroyw, just outside Holywell on the North Wales coast. Peter Footit, a champion of local music in the area, has secured a really great sounding room and is in the process of building a studio there; we're all pretty excited to be recording something with him.
  • I've recorded a few covers for fun, mainly as an anniversary present for my partner, but also as an exercise in emulating the sound of certain records. One in particular that I look forward to releasing is 'Can't Stand Losing You' by The Police, which features my old Gastrobots band mate Frankie Tortora on vocals (it was too high for me!).
  • Finally, Secret Shows are still planning on gigging this winter, as well as hopefully writing and maybe recording some new material. We're turning into a bit of a studio band, what with Dafydd and Cat distributed across the world at different times; its often difficult to get us all together. I'll be trying to write some new stuff in preparation for when they're both around for a jam though!

So, a lot to finish off this year. I'm also hoping to form a new project to play guitar in, around the Chester area. I'm playing drums too much...