Remixes and Covers

I've been working on a few tracks in my spare time lately; check these out!

This is a song I entered as part of a competition held by Snarky Puppy and Indaba Music. The brief was simply to use samples from Snarky's 'Tarova' to create a new composition; not necessarily a remix. This was my effort.

This was really a lot of fun to do; and it was great to have such pristine samples to work with. It was also good for me to have a deadline to complete to; I'm terrible at finishing work and there's nothing like a deadline to get it done!

This is a cover of Nobuo Uematsu's 'Under the Rotting Pizza' taken from the Original Soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII.

As for many people, FFVII is one of my favourite games, and in many ways the music inspired me to search for employment as a composer for video game companies.

In this version, I use live drums and some heavy tremolo, as well as a lot of saturation, to provide a dirty groove fitting to the slums of Midgar.

Enjoy these; and hopefully I'll have some more music up soon!