Recording & Production Services

I offer a number of different recording and production services from my home studio, including:

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Remote recording/tracking of pre-written parts
  • Collaboration
  • ADR and Dubbing
  • Audio Restoration
  • Sound Effects and Foley creation

For full ensembles and bands, I track at Mission Studios and mix the results from my studio at home. Mission is based at the University of Chester's Warrington campus, and is a teaching studio used for the University's production course. 

It features an excellent live space, professional level outboard gear and a superb array of microphones. In combination with my collection of equipment I can offer a wide range of options for capturing just the right tone from your instrument.

The playlists above were all recorded at Mission Studios in Warrington and mixed in my home studio in Chester.

Prices are negotiable based on your requirements; please get in touch.

In addition to my own personal equipment, Mission Studios has the following available:


Yamaha DM2000 Digital Console

Yamaha MLA8 pre amp

TL Audio 5021 2 Channel Compressor

Dynaudio Nearfield Monitors

T.C.electronics Finalizer

Digidesign Digi 003 Rack


Akai S3000 Sampler

Alesis DM5

Novation A-Station rack

Yamaha CS6X Keyboard

Korg MS2000 Keyboard


2 x AKG C451 E 

Beyer M201 N(C) 

4 x Sure Beta 57A 

3 x AKG D321 

3 x Sennheiser E604

AKG D112 

AKG D202 E 

AKG C414 

Shure Beta 58 

Shure SM57 

Sony ECM-979 

Neumann TLM Microphone